Going to be kinda absent for awhile.

2017-08-01 11:12:03 by TheDukeofJuke

I owe a lot of thanks to Newgrounds and my friends here for the constructive-criticism I've received over the past few years. But I'm going to be stepping back from uploading for awhile to truly learn things like piano and music theory. Fl Studio is an amazing DAW and very fun to use and can be even more fun combined with the knowledge of piano and more advanced music theory.

Plans for the future, Duke?

Well, I can't say what will happen in full assurity. But my plan is to become a pianist along the likes of artists like Rick Wakeman and Jordan Rudess. It's a huge goal, for sure. But I don't care. It's better than sitting on my ass wishing I could play like them. I also plan on releasing a small video game soundtrack, but I'm taking my time on that and only going to be working on it when I feel like applying the music theory I've learned to make it even more memorable. One more plan I have is something way more down the road, but I'm currently working on the OST little by little for an original video game me and my brothers are making together. That's right, there's more than just me in the family. I've never before seen such effort being put into a video game, but then again, this is my first video game OST I've worked on minus another that didn't go very well. (The game itself was still cool. Problems just arised.) So yeah...that's pretty much it.


1: Not uploading a whole lot atm. Sorry lol.

2: Learning piano and more advanced music theory.

3: Working on a small fake video game album.

4: Working on an actual OST for my brothers' video game.

If you're feeling a little down, I don't know why, but I do have a special upload in mind for Christmas if I can do it quick enough. Something very near and dear to my heart. So there's that maybe to look forward to this year.

See ya soon...







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