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My new personal avatar.

2017-05-21 01:02:50 by TheDukeofJuke


I guess you could consider this little guy my vocaloid or whatever.

I came up with it in a day while messing around in mspaint. Not too shabby.


Blog Entry #2: Where I am and where I'm going.

2017-05-01 08:26:29 by TheDukeofJuke

So I'm sure a few people have seen posts about me fighting my personal addiction and it's been a rollercoaster of emotions for awhile. But it's definitely been worth it to fight it, but my mind has been going crazy through its rewiring. Overthinker was the asshole who was running my brain for the longest time and has since been fired and replaced by Mr. Critical Thinker. There was this one time though where Overthinker managed to sneak in and really screw up the brain's circuit boards. Mr. Critical Thinker had to pull some late-nighters recently to fix the mess he made. Lol.

Anyway...I've had a healthier life-style as of late and am slowly getting back those child-like aspirations I used to have. And it feels incredible. Currently weening myself off caffeine since I find it hasn't had too many benefits for me personally. Have had a lot of sleepless nights due to it. I love my craft, but I'm not going to sacrifice my sleep for it since I'm not even making any money off it currently. That's it really.

On a sidenote, I've also been getting some amazing advice from the incredible Intero on my musical capabilities and it's been working like a charm. You have him to thank for the quality of my latest uploads. The guy's a real pro.5951060_149364114581_Screenshot119.png

I'm being such a crybaby lately.

2017-04-29 12:29:12 by TheDukeofJuke

I started taking my music too seriously and in turn it almost drove me mad. It's been so hard just to get out of bed recently. Just stress and more stress. Is this my mind telling me I need to do something different.

I'm gonna try as best I can for AIM.

2017-03-26 12:10:12 by TheDukeofJuke

I'm doing my best to get inspiration to work on the track. But I'm trying not to force the creativity since it just makes me stressed and I can't get anything done anyway. I'm working longer hours at my job right now to pay off a lot of money my family and I owe, and that's more important to me at the moment than having a track ready for some contest. I can promise I'll try though.

Plans after AIM2017.

2017-03-19 12:12:35 by TheDukeofJuke

So, I've had these melodies stored in my brain for ages. Pretty much ever since I started writing music and I think at this point it's time I did something with them. So, after AIM2017 which I'm using as a means of practice with my motivation, I will be working on an album of video game music inspired by layouts like SMB3 with different music correlating to environments. Even though this music probably won't ever actually be used in a game, I'm going to make it regardless. I'm going to make the album revolve around a save the world scenario without worrying too much about plot, but more on the concept. 

Since I'm going to be really pushing myself with this album, I won't be on the internet that much but maybe to update people or post a track on the side occasionally. During my journey of fulfillment, I asked myself what was my purpose in this world. And now I believe it is to compose. I started my music much later than most musicians. 17 years old. I had a lot to learn in a short period of time. I not only listened to the music that inspired me, but studied it. Things like: "How did they match the atmosphere of the environment so well? How did they transition to that key so flawlessly? How do they make such complex music, but still have the same composition contain such memorable melodies?" These were things I paid amazing attention to during my studying and I'm still learning to this day. I don't ever want to stop learning, cause that will be the day I die as a musician. 

I have a lot to prove to a world full of musicians who started at a very young age. But I like a challenge.

Stay tuned.

So...yeah. Sup again.

I can understand if some people are not exactly for this. People have come to know me as "TheDukeofJuke" and it is a rather catchy name. But to be honest it does come off the wrong way to people who don't know what I do. If I read the name without any knowledge of the user, I would assume he was some sort of DJ. I don't need a dj for my project. I need a composer. Which is why I'm letting people know about my name change ahead of time. Sorry. :T


I have been on a journey of fullfilment for a good while now and hit a long period of withdrawal that comes and goes. I have days where I'm at maximum creativity and others where I'm not so much. I look to be more active in the future, but it all depends on my state of mind. I will say that the journey is doing me very well though. My brain is healthier than ever. Stick by me, guys. You won't regret it.